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The only way to build digital products

A digital product starts with an idea. But it takes a lot more than that to get it to real users. You need to run experiments, speak to users at different stages, build a product and market it. The typical journey looks like this: Right in the middle of this

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The Founder OS

Working at a startup is super stressful. Running a startup is 10x more stressful. How do I know? I run one. Some habits and practices have helped me deal with the stress and stay as sane as possible. I call it “The Founder OS” and it has four or five

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How I use my calendar(s)

In school, I was the kind of person who hated timetables, watches and any kind of structure. My ideal day was one where I got up late and spent the time between breakfast and lunch dozing off with a book. Sadly, my life these days looks quite different, and before